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Our magnetic fidget spinner has many ways of playing if you buy a pair, as shown on product page video, first put them close enough (too close they will stick together, too far they will not have interaction), then you could rotate one of them slowly, you will notice another one is driven by this…

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Martian Science is reported by CBS 8 News,  please check or go to our youtube channel: Our product is the first educational fidget spinner, people will learn how magnetic field affect another magnet. It is also fun to figure out the right arrangement of the magnet. Only one special arrangement of the magnet could let…

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The fidget spinner began to be extremely popular in the North America. The Fidget Spiral, also known as Fidget Spinner, is a bearing symmetrical structure-a toy that can be played with the fingers. While the fidget spinners are so popular hot, simultaneously we are curious about one question, that is, whether the fidget spinner is related to infringement?…

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